Final Destiny is an all-encompassing book discussing every critical issue pertaining to salvation, assurance, perseverance, and humanity's greatest end. Reviews Here (3rd edition).

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Should You Buy The Hardback, Paperback, or Kindle Edition?

Should you spend 10, 20, 30, or 40+ dollars on Final Destiny? Read on.


What Is Partaker's Theology?

Don't knock it until you read it. All of it.


Why Buy Final Destiny?

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"Austin Decker has prepared excellent animated video summaries of many chapters of this book. Readers will find it helpful to watch these brief summaries before or after reading the chapters."

-Dr. Jody Dillow (ThD), Final Destiny, 4th Edition (Paperback only)

"Austin is one of the best-read Free Grace advocates I know. But just as importantly, he has a creative and captivating way of expressing grace-oriented issues through his 'animated theology.' While you may not agree with every aspect of his perspective (but who will?!), you will find him overwhelmingly fair, informed, and convincing. Join his channel and share it with others!”

-Dr. Charlie Bing (PhD)

"The scope of this work is breathtaking. Virtually every passage related to these critical issues is discussed. With outstanding scholarship and thorough attention to exegetical and theological detail, Joseph Dillow has given us a magnificent vision of the final destiny of man. I heartily commend this work to the Christian community."

-Dr. Earl Radmacher (ThD)

"Dr. Dillow's discussions of many controversial Bible verses and  doctrines are thorough, fair, well documented, and thought-provoking."

-Dr. Roy B. Zuck (ThD)

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