My Top Three Books

Final Destiny (4th Edition) by Jody Dillow


Simply the best book that will force you to think through the hard passages. Whether you agree or disagree with his conclusions is okay because after comprehending this, you will be aware of all the issues pertaining to salvation.

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The Coming Kingdom by Dr. Andy Woods


Technically, you should read this before Final Destiny. Many Partaker interpretations would fall apart if there was no difference between the Great White Throne and Bema Seat Judgements.

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A Bible


It is interesting how we forget to study and read our own Bibles sometimes. I like large Print Bibles like the one in the link below. I do not have a favorite translation. I use greek and hebrew.

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Honorable Mentions

ISRAELOLOGY by Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum


It is massive, repetitive, and cumbersome. But this should be read by anyone serious about Dispensationalism.

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Dispensationalism by Dr. Michael Vlach


Best simple introduction to Dispensationalism. Careful though, he endorses MacArthur style Lordship Salvation near the end. Still, it is a wonderful little book.

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Has the Church Replaced Israel? by Dr. Michael Vlach


This was first written as a dissertation at the seminary I attend (SEBTS). It's the best treatment on the topic.

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New Testament Life and Belief by Dr. Jerry Hullinger


This is the best Introduction to the New Testament I think there is. The biggest strength of this book is Hullinger's ability to explain all the views. Skip to his book outlines to find him address hard passages. He indicates this by writing "Note #" throughout the book. The reason I read so much and try my absolute best to learn all the views is mainly because of Hullinger and Dillow. He also has an excellent hermeneutics’ course. Take it. When learning hermeneutics, you should be able to ask someone questions along the way.

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Everlasting Dominion by Dr. Eugene Merrill


An outstanding Old Testament Theology.  

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Don't think buying a lot of resources and books will make you a scholar. Own a few good books, use your local library, apply hermeneutics, understand other views, and never stop asking questions. This website will help you know which commentaries to interact with and help you learn more views. lists a lot of resources you probably won't agree with, but it is very academic and helpful. On Logos, I'm slowly working my way to owning the top 3 commentaries for every book of the Bible.

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Logos Bible Software


Logos' main strength is its search feature and its ability to have multiple commentaries up side by side for quick access. If I could do it over again, I wouldn't buy a big package. I'd download the free (or basic) version, and then hand pick the resources I wanted (such as The Grace New Testament Commentary by Wilkin) as Logos puts them on sale. Every now and then, Logos has a huge commentary sale and other sales throughout the year. ISRAELOLOGY is on Logos for a good price I think. Logos 7 or newer has a really nice feature for lexicons that organizes them for you. I'd recommend getting that lexicon feature somehow and then just slowly getting good deals on commentaries. I also recommend for learning how to use the software. Best prices and most detailed I've seen to date.

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A Greek–English Lexicon of the New Testament and Other Early Christian Literature, 3rd ed. (BDAG)


This is considered the standard for studying the Bible and theology today. I'd highly recommend getting any lexicons on Logos. It makes researching words and their usages far easier. You can get it bundled with the HALOT here.

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Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament Based on Semantic Domains (Louw Nida)


This is considered the standard for translating the Bible into other languages. I'd highly recommend getting any lexicons on Logos. This particular resource is often included in Logos packages so it may be worth your money to get a package with this in it. You'd have to look into all that yourself.

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Enhanced Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon (BDB)


"This is perhaps the most important Hebrew Bible lexicon and certainly  the most influential over the past 100 years. BDB always has great  information although it can be difficult for beginners to learn how to  search for words by their root. While BDB can occasionally be out of  date, the information it provides is almost always solid. Definitely promote it here to get customers excited about getting a sweet deal."  Taken from this super helfpful  blog. If you get it on Logos, it is super easy to search!

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Hebrew and Aramaic Lexicon of the Old Testament (HALOT)


You can get this bundled with the BDAG here "HALOT has come to rival BDB in recent years due to its more up-to-date entries which take into account the Dead Sea Scrolls, Ugaritic, and advances in the study of Akkadian. HALOT is easier for beginners to use because it is organized alphabetically, rather than by root. Today, many scholars  recommend HALOT over BDB."  This blog is super helpful. If you get it on Logos, it is super easy to search!

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Why Study So Many Views?


Everyone thinks they have the real dollar and can pick out all the wrong views (fake dollars) when maybe, they never really had the real dollar to begin with. Video coming soon.

10-12 Views on how to spend eternity with God

44 Minutes. There was nothing else out like it (that I know of), so I made it myself. If you check out all my citations, you will know every academic view in writing on how to spend eternity with God.


Link to the chart/script coming soon.

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