Animated Free Grace Videos


Charles Ryrie And Free Grace

5 Minutes. Many of the men who have greatly impacted me were greatly impacted by Ryrie.  Buy his book here. His illustrations of grace are amazing. 

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What is Eternal Life? by Dave Anderson

5 Minutes. Check out Dr. Anderson's ATS accredited seminary here:

See The Free Grace Alliance Here:

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Charlie Bing's "Grace Means Go!" Animated Sermon

6 Minutes. We should all have a passion to GO and make disciples because of what God's grace has done for us.

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A Brief History of Free Grace Theology (And Where Its Headed)


2 Minutes. I didn't even get close to a comprehensive list in this video, but my main purpose was to be motivational.

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Lordship vs. Free Grace


6 Minutes. First video I ever made on the subject.

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The Audience Of John's Gospel by Zane Hodges


7 Minutes. Though Hodges was a great scholar we respect, we do not endorse his views on the atonement nor his ideas on the saving message.

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James 2:14-26 Animated Interpretation


8 Minutes. This is old, and I wish I could change a few things.

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10 Views On How To Spend Eternity With God


44 Minutes. What was I thinking!?! This one is special though. It is every academic view in print on the most important terms dealing with spending eternity with God. Chart/Script coming soon.

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A "Friendly" Response to The Bible Project


8 Minutes. All clips were used with their permission. I like their stuff, but we disagree a bit.

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Philippians 2:12-13: Work out your salvation? (Animated: Cone vs. Piper


10 Minutes. Cone vs Piper? This should be fun.

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Can a Christian lose his salvation? Hebrews Animated Interpretation

11 Minutes.

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Disciple vs. Christian? (Animated)

7 Minutes.

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Does 1st John Teach Perseverance of the Saints?

26 Minutes.

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